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Traveller: welcome to the inner paradise. Eleven Km away from Jaén, is located the old village called "La Guardia". It's so old as the Iberos (old civilization) that settled in it and whose treasures are in the Archaeological Museum of Jaén.

The old Mentesa Bastia, (ancient name of La Guardia) was conquered then by Visigoth and it´s where the first University of the province was built.

Then, Arabs turned it into the capital of the kingdom and its castle, rises there as a powerful defender of the valley of Guadalbullon river, natural way to reach the city of Jaén, which is know as the Holy Kingdom.

In this village, Caseria Elba opens its door. It is located far enough to make you feel free and at the same time, close enough not to make you feel alone.

Its proximity with the city of Jaén turns La Guardia into a small town located in a kind of enviroment, that has the best thing of the rural world without being apart from the urban world.

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