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A definition in dictionary does not exist that it details what they are "caserías" in Jaén, although the costumbrista writer, D.Rafael Ortega Sagrista assured that "casería" is "field house in which the place of rest with the economic unit of the olive grove was associated, for Jaén were caserías like the Catalan towers, the Basque small villages, the "cigarrales toledanos" or "quintas manchegas"".

"Caserías" is own a specific type of rural house of Jaén and comprises of the culture of the olive tree. The modernization of the agricultural tasks of the olive grove, has caused that caserías are lost the constant occupation of those who took care manually of the own tasks of the olive grove. Some houses, reconverted already instead of recreation have changed their appearance, to become more instead of leisure and rest, that to be neuralgic center of the olive grove.

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